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How We Work

The simplicity of our platform allows you to browse a variety of tutors and find the right tutor for you. Our platform makes it easy to communicate, negotiate, confirm times and locations directly with tutors or students.

At the forefront of our service:

  • search and select from a range of trusted tutors within your desired location
  • convenient, flexible and simple booking system with immediate confirmation of your booking
  • review, rate and provide feedback on the tutoring service
  • secure and trusted payment options through reputable institutions
  • create personal profiles and log in via your trusted social media account

The Student

Tutors Hub, Australia’s very first privately owned and operated digital platform designed to connect customers with quality tutors specializing in a variety of different disciplines. Our extensive network of tutors offer you the ability to select a tutor that is convenient, competitive, affordable, secure and most importantly, reviewed and rated by customers.

Our tutors will help enhance the natural capabilities of each student, helping them to discover their true potential and uplifting their current skill sets.

Creating a local community of educators, our intention is to support the learning and development needs of today’s students, skilled workforce and those seeking a new ambition or challenge in life.

Tutors Hub does not take a commission from the service provided or received. We work in partnership with sponsors to promote our services.

Become A Tutor

Tutors Hub allows you to register your details on a secure platform, enabling students to seek your services directly through our easy to use platform FREE for a limited time. We take the hard work out of searching for students by providing a detailed overview of your profile, qualifications and area of speciality.

Tutors Hub supports you to promote your services by offering a service rated model, allowing your customers to leave reviews thus driving repeat and referral business to you.

Additionally, you can now run your business from tutorshub. Take advantage of our reporting and invoicing capabilities to help service your customer’s needs. Tutors Hub will help you achieve a complete customer centric experience which will empower you to take your business to the next level.